Bonton keeps you safe

About Us

Welcome to India’s first fully RoHS compliant wires and cable manufacturing facility with ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18000 certifications. Bonton has a distinguished history in wires and cable industry. The company is pioneer in manufacturing eco-friendly and specialised cables which are accoladed for weather resistant, distortion free signaling and special bending radius that can perform at temperatures ranging from -50°C to 950°C.


To be the most preferred brand in the cable and wire industry and to gain trust of consumers for safety, reliability, and incomparable high-performance team.


Continuously improve its product and process control systems, by acquiring the most stringent product and process certifications to produce world-class products.



To manufacture cables that are beyond market benchmarks in terms of technical specifications while ensuring a deeply humane conduct towards all its stakeholders by

  • Adopting an enhanced accountability towards the environment by ensuring the lowest emissions from its plants, minimising, and managing wastage from its processes
  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment to all its employees and helping them grow as individuals and professionals
  • Engaging in and promoting corporate social responsibility practices and exceeding compliance for social accountability


  • Strive for excellence in technical knowledge, product knowledge and communication skills
  • Honour your commitments
  • Be positive in your outlook, never speak ill of others, whether they are competitors or colleagues
  • Make everyone feel important and significant. Avoid condescending behaviour
  • Be humble and practice empathy
  • Be accountable to all stakeholders in the business and let your conduct be driven by what is best for them
  • Be deeply responsible towards the impact on the environment and avoid wastages
  • Be socially accountable and adopt practices that minimise adverse impacts to the environment
  • Ensure that our products are the benchmarks in terms of technical specifications and performance