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Cavicel, Italy
Cavicel, Italy

Cavicel has been innovator in the design & manufacturing of copper special cables for over 60 years.
High Performance Silicon Rubber (HPSR) cables are fire resistant cables designed to continuously operate under fire conditions.
Some of the prominent features of HPSR cables:

Flexible: Very flexible construction that makes the installation easier in all conditions
Protected against electrostatic noise: Cable is fully screened and conductors are twisted
Suitable for data transmission: Twisting of conductors make the cable suitable for clear data transmission


Mineral Insulated Copper Clad Cables (MICC)
  1. Mineral insulated cable is inarguably the ultimate fire survival electrical cable system
  2. It provides an escape time upto 3 hours in ``REAL WORLD`` fire conditions
  3. It is the only inorganic, non-combustible fire proof cable in the market